Simply the best Chicken Sandwich in Carlsbad

(In fact, we have 3 of them!)

At Bantam’s Roost, we take our chicken sandwiches seriously. Owner Roddy Browning hails from the South, where chicken sandwiches like ours are an integral part of the culture. If you haven’t had a Bantam’s Roost chicken sandwich lately, you owe it to yourself to pay us a visit!

bantams roost fried chicken sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Buttermilk Ranch

The verdict: come back for that fried chicken sammich & the truffle fries! Sit on the patio! Service is very warm & spot on here!

Lucy Y. on Yelp!

I got the fried chicken sandwich and, not only was it huge, it was great as well. Though we both had to get back to work and didn’t partake, they have a solid list of local beers and wine to choose from. Next time for sure as we will definitely be back. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rick S. on Yelp!

This place is consistently amazing. We just went there today for lunch where I had the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve had in a very long time. We will be back very soon! This is our go to place in all of Bressi and nearby. Thank you for being consistant with your food quality / taste / freshness!

Nancy B. on Yelp!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Bacon, Avocado, Pesto, Goat Cheese & Pickled Onions

bantams roost grilled chicken sandwich

What a great find … we ordered lunch to go and it was awesome. The grilled chicken sandwich and truffle fries. I’m a bit of a foodie and I loved the variety of flavors…so, so good!! I always say the bread/bun on sandwiches can make or break it and this was perfect. The owner is super friendly and we are sure to go back…a lot!! We love having this quality of food so close by.

Kristin W. on Yelp!

…The grilled chicken sandwich was just as tasty. The chicken was nice and moist and not dry and the pickled onions added a really good flavor. Hoping they bring the garlic aioli dipping sauce from Flying Pig here for the shoe string fries! Looking forward to coming back to try some more items!

Kristin W. on Yelp!

My wife thoroughly enjoyed her grilled chicken sandwich with the “healthier” side of salad. The service was both friendly and efficient, and we left very happy and very full!

Dennis C. on Yelp!

the best chicken sandwich in carlsbad california

Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich

Kale Slaw, Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch

Our Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich with Kale Slaw, Bleu Cheese, and Buttermilk Ranch dressing is our latest chicken sandwich creation. Ask your server to suggest the perfect complement from our beer, wine, and cocktail menu. We look forward to serving you at Carlsbad’s favorite “chicken coop.” And we know the relaxed, casual atmosphere and friendly service will keep you coming back for more!

“We’ve Officially Reached Peak Fried Chicken Sandwich Mania”

bon appetit magazine cover

“Chefs across the country are racing to see who will rule the crunchy, juicy, golden age of the fried chicken sandwich.”

Bon Appetit

It’s true, we all love chicken sandwiches, and the number of variations on the theme seems to multiply each year. As with our entire menu, Bantam’s Roost’s chicken sandwiches reflect a Southern sensibility. Here, you will find traditional Southern ingredients along with influences from other regional styles, from lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles to kale slaw, bleu cheese, buttermilk ranch, bacon, avocado, pesto, goat cheese, and pickled onions.

Please stop by often and make Bantam’s Roost your go-to for chicken sandwiches in Carlsbad!